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A Missing Link to the Disclaimed Dorma Misnomer!

Posted by MCS not at CMS on January 26, 2010 at 3:05 PM

It exists!  I saw it for the first time several years ago and, ever since, rarely a working day goes by without a great big, glaring reminder of it popping up when my guard is down or when my back is turned:  What, you again?  How long has it been?  What time is it?  What's the date?  Okay, now, just go away...

I don't typically boast about the particulars to this and, furthermore, the whole thing just isn't sustainable as a topic of conversation in most situations.  In fact, more and more dauntingly often these days, the very best of presentations - even when detailed in black and white with imagery - wind up poo-pooed with impatient indifference by otherwise ostensibly intelligent individuals.  This can be particularly discouraging, for example, when involving a pretentious architect and an irresolute general contr--Wait!  I've deviated from the topic at hand.  Slightly...

Have I mentioned that the misnomer is a screensaver?  It features a clean but handy desktop clock and calendar of Bavarian design; and although Dorma no longer promotes the small executable download that bears its name (the page markers for it are long gone and site searches return no hits), the portal is indeed still active as of this posting.  With proper insight, anyone with an interest can navigate straight to it and once again gaze in doe-eyed wonder at the short, schadenfreude translation of Fatherland Legalese before downloading yet another freebie via Al Gore's clever invention...

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