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CMS staff members routinely refer to component and other details from many of the focused links that follow.  These are not mere home pages...



B H M A :: Certified Products Directory

Via its "BHMA Certified" licensing program, the Builders Hardware Manufacturers Association maintains an endorsed directory of components compliant with ANSI industry standards; however, since product testing is independent of the BHMA by decree and since participation in the licensing program is an assessed option, not all compliant manufacturers or products are actually represented...

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C M S :: Consultation Means Savings

Inflated project costs for doors, frames and hardware are often the result of specification manipulation or artificial manufacturer bias.  Confounding approval options and needless "no-sub" clauses can adversely impact a bottom line.  If the BHMA endorses more than FIFTEEN manufacturers EACH for Grade One leversets, devices and closers, then why be pigeonholed?  Be smarter.  Demand better specifications.  Consult with CMS...

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CHAPPELL :: Flush Wood Door Machining Guide

Chappell Door custom manufactures commercial and architectural solid core doors that conform to or surpass criterions established via either WDMA Industry Standard 1-A or AWI Section 1300.  And their modern 80,000 square foot facility is just down the road (US Route 35) in Washington Court House, Ohio...

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D H I :: Interactive Buyers Guide Search

This tool has several dedicated fields to better refine searches for manufacturers, vendors, products and other particulars from within the membership base of the Door and Hardware Institute...

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DORMA :: Documentation Index for Downloads

From its certified ISO 9001 facilities in Reamstown, Pennsylvania and Steeleville, Illinois, DORMA Architectural Hardware produces a wide range of solid, high quality, "Made in America" primary components, including mortise and cylindrical leversets, exit devices of all types, surface and concealed closers, controls for life safety and security, and more...

CMS is DORMA by choice...

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HAGER :: Glossary of Common Hardware Terms

With regard to common "satin chrome" and related finishes, the Hager Companies inventory of readily available hinges, leversets, devices, closers, trims, seals and so on, is second to none...

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N F P A :: Online Viewable Standard #80

This viewable online document from the National Fire Protection Association provides hinge and other door hardware guidance for the proper configuration of fire-rated openings...

Registration is required to view...

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N G P :: Component Cross-Reference Tool

With this tool, model numbers from the other two BHMA Certified product manufacturers (and from Reese and Zero, as well) can be easily translated into National Guard Products equivalents; or, if the particular NGP offering is already known, product particulars can be directly accessed via this link as well...

From its modern 160,000 square foot manufacturing facility in Memphis, Tennessee, NGP delivers...

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REPUBLIC :: Technical Downloads

Republic produces a broad range of industry standard steel door and frame products, including fully tested and certified components rated either for sound transfer or for fire-, hurricane-, tornado- or bullet-resistance...

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S D I :: ANSI A250 Downloadable Resources

ANSI references and other steel (aka hollow metal) door and frame guides are available from the industry organization that actually produces and maintains the official national standards...

Documentation is freely accessible without registration.  Thank you, Steel Door Institute...

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U L :: Listed Locks and Latches

Underwriters Laboratories maintains the only certified lock and latch directory that includes all companies and all product types without equivocation...

To view the company register, which is comprised of manufacturers and importers and combinations thereof, follow this jump and then click on the "View Listings" link at top left...

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WOODTECH :: Fire Rated Wood Door Guide

For upscale fire-rated openings at entrances, corridors and great spaces, or to resolve issues of both contemporary compliance and historic aesthetics involving structures built the century before last, Woodtech Trading can exactingly engineer its components to suit a wide range of architectural traffic and life-safety applications...

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Facility & Logistics

 P O  Box 61038
 Dayton  OH   45406-1038

 2828 W Riverview Ave
 Dayton  OH   45402

              ...and via Google Maps**

 (937) 278-0706  Phone
 (937) 278-7604  Fax

Monday through Friday

8:00am to 4:30pm EST

excluding holidays

  ** The bridge at Bridge St is
      gone and construction of its
      relocated replacement (now
      connecting Philadelphia Dr
      to James H McGee Blvd) is
      fully complete...